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Shenzhen-HK Stock Connect

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Dear Valued Customers,

“Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect” which connects the stock markets of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, has been launched on 5 Dec 2016. Hong Kong and overseas investors will then be able to invest in the designated stocks listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange through a SEHK Participant which meets certain information technology capacity, risk management and other requirements as may be specified by the relevant exchange and clearing house.

We are proud to announce that The Core Securities Company Limited is committed to participate in this new program after our successful participation in the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. While the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock connect has brought new opportunities to the Hong Kong capital market, we are available to assist you in participating in this particular investment opportunity. We are also happy to provide you added convenience in investing across the broader.

Brief description of Shenzhen – HK Stock Connect
Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Promotion

Discount on Shenzhen Stock trading, a rebate of HK$5 for every HK$100 commission!
Trade more, get more! Maximum rebate of up to HK$50,000!
Promotion period: Launching of SZHK-Stock Connect ~ 2017.3.31
Promotion plan: During the promotion period, you are eligible to the commission rebate if you trade the Shenzhen listed stocks.

The rebate will be calculated on a monthly basis and will be deposited into your account in the following month. Please find the rebate table in the right hand side of the page.
Total commission of
Shenzhen Stock trading in the month
Eligible commission rebate (HK$)
Note: The rebate will be settled every month and will not be carried forward to the next month.

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